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Development of Anaesthesiology in Macedonia will be presented in chronological order.
1945 Establishment of Anaestehsiology in Macedonia. In the framework of the Yugoslav Association of Anaesthesiologists a certain number of anaesthesiologists from Macedonia were educated in Belgrade by Dr. P. Shackleton and Dr. R. Davies from England. Dr Risto Ivanovski was the first doctor to be educated by them. During this period the first machines for anaesthesia were delivered to the surgery department by the technical help of UNRRA and the American producer, Forreger.

1953 The first endotracheal anaesthesia was performed by Dr. R. Ivanovski and Dr. Klajic from Zagreb.
1954 Dr. R. Ivanovski was elected as honorary Associate Professor at the Medical Faculty in Skopje. He was employed at the Military Hospital which was the base of the medical faculty at that time. His research work was in the field of anaesthesia under hypothermia.
1955 The Department for Intensive care was established.
1959 The first anaesthesia with Halothane and Curare was performed.
1960 The Doctors, Spasko Gucev, Pavle Mitrevski and Nikola Serafimovski visited one-year courses in anaesthesia in Copenhagen in Denmark by the grants of WHO.
1961 The first certificate in anaesthesiology specialization was issued to Dr. Vladimir Andonov by the Ministry of Health of Republic of Macedonia.
1962 The first Section for Anaesthesiology was established in the framework of the Macedonian Doctors' Association and YUARIL. The first President was Associated Professor Dr. R. Ivanovski.
1964-65 Dr. Vujica Stojanovic, Dr. Pavle Mitrevski and Dr. Vladimir Andonov were the first specialists in anaestehsiology.
1965 The first artificial ventilation with "Manley" ventilator was used in anaesthesia and intensive care by Dr. V. Andonov.
1966 NLA and Ketamine were used for the first time.
1971 Prof. Dr. Vladimir Andonov was elected as a full-professor in anaesthesiology at the Medical Faculty in Skopje. With his name the era of modern anaesthesia in Macedonia started. The second joint Meeting of the Yugoslav anaesthesiologists was organized by the Macedonian Section. It took place in Ohrid and Prof. V. Andonov was elected as President of the Council Board).
1972 The subject - Anaestesia with Resuscitation - became an optional subject in the Curriculla of the Medical Faculty.
1973 The Programe and Plan for specialization in anaesthesiology was changed from three years to four and name was promoted into anaesthesia with resuscitation.
1974 The first NLA anaesthesia in a 3 years old child is given by Dr. Marija Soljakova.
1975 The first polyclinic for preoperative assessment was established at the Medical Centre in Bitola by Dr. Dimitar Sekulovski.
1976 Prof. V. Andonov was elected as the first President of the Yugoslav Association for Anaesthesiology, Resuscitation and Intensive care (YUARIL).
1979 Macedonian Society of Anaesthesiology hosted the V-th Intersection Joint Meeting of Yugoslav anaestehsiologist. It took place in Skopje.
1980 The IV-th Congress of YUARL was organized in Ohrid. President of the Council Association was Prof. V. Andonov.
1983 First Epidural morphine application for postoperative pain relief was used by Dr. Marija Soljakova. The era of the combination of epidural and general anaesthesia for major surgery started.
1985 The number of anaesthesiologists including residents reached 100.
1988 Macedonian Society organized the VIII-th - IX-th Joint Meeting of Yugoslav anaesthesiologists in Bitola. The President of the Organizing Committee was Dr. D. Sekulovski.
1989 The Clinic of Anaestehsiology, Resuscitation and Intensive Care was established in the framework of the University Medical Center at Medical Faculty in Skopje. Prof. V. Andonov was elected as the first Director of the Clinic (CARIC).
1990 Macedonia became an independent country and Macedonian Sociaty of Anaestehsiology became Macedonian Association of the doctors of anaesthesia, resuscitation and intensive care. The first President was Prof. Dr. Ordan Nojkov for two mandates - 8 years.
1992 Isoflurane is used in clinical practice in CARIC.
1996 The first Congress of the Macedonian Society of Anaesthesiology was organized. The President of the Organizing Committee was Prof. Dr. O. Nojkov. It took place in Ohrid. Macedonian Societies of Anaestehsiology and Intensive Care became regular members of European and World federation of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care (WFSA, WFSICCM).
1997 The first Pain Clinic was established by Associate Professor Dr. Lazar Sendov.
1998 The number of specialists in anaesthesiology including residents grew up to 150.
2000 The Second Congress of Macedonian Society of Anaesthesiology was held in Ohrid. President of the Organizing Committee was Ass. Prof. Dr Violeta Milosevka-Dimitrovska. The subject - Anaestesia with Resuscitation - became a compulsory subject in the Curricula of the Medical Faculty.
2001 Prof. dr. Marija Soljakova was elected as the President of MSA and new members of the Council were elected.
2003 First regional meeting of young anestesiologists
2004 Dr. Zvonko Krstevski was elected as a new President of MSA. The multidisciplinary Society for critical care medicine was founded in the frame of the Macedonian Medical Association. As a first president was elected Prof. dr. Zorka Nikolova-Todorova.
2005 The Third Congress of Macedonian Society of Anaesthesiology was held in Ohrid. President of the Organizing Committee was Prof. Dr Mirjana Sosolceva.


December 2007: New presidency of MSA (Macedonian Society of Anaesthesiologists) was elected:

President: Prof. dr. Mirjana Sosolceva


Secretary: Ass. dr. Tatjana Trojic


Activity of MSA: Accredit meetings through MLD (Macedonian Society of Doctors) and LKM (Doctor,s Chamber of Macedonia)

Organizer: Prof. dr. Mirjana Sosolceva

 - 02.January  2008, Skopje: Symposium Current approaches in ordinary anaesthesiological practice and Intensive Care - solution of the dilemma"

-14-16 March 2008 Mavrovo - School of Anaesthesia Course 1 Inhalation anaesthesia  

- 21 May, 2008 Skopje - Simpozium :CRRT (Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy)

 - 26. September 2008: Annual meeting of the Society: " News in the field of anaesthesia and Diagniostic Related Groups"

- 26 December, 2008, Skopje - New therapeutic approaches for propitious haemothasis at persistence bleeding"

- 13 March Vinica - Expert Meeting: "Anaesthesiological techniques and monitoring"

-22 May, 2009 Skopje - School of Anaesthesia Course 2 Inhalation anaesthesia  



Former President of MSA:
Dr. Risto Ivanovski, Prof. V. Andonov, Dr. Misko Janjevski, Dr. Lazar Sendov, Dr. Petar Duljanov , Dr. Borce Micevski, Dr. Sime Janevski, Dr. Dimitar Sekulovski, Doc. Dr. Violeta Miloseva, Prof. Dr. Ordan Nojkov, Prof. Marija Soljakova.

Ph.D. Doctors: V. Andonov, M. Soljakova, O. Nojkov, Z. Nikolova, V. Miloseva, L. Sendov, T. Trajkovska , M. Sosolceva, B.Vojdanovski-Bang and J. Nanceva .

M.Sc.: M. Soljakova, O. Nojkov, G. Gucev, Z. Petrov, V. Dinevska, B. Sirgovska,
J. Nanceva, A. Siveski, V. Damevski.

In memoriam: I. Dubrovski, L. Lazarevska, P. Duljanov, S. Simeski, S. Mitrovic,
N. Nikolovski, A. Balabanovski, V. Sojanovic, Z. Petrov, P. Bojkov .
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